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100 Book Challenge

100 Book Challenge

On Monday, March14th, Hope’s Middle School launched the 100 Book Challenge reading program. The research based curriculum is designed to instill the love of reading in K-12 students, while building key academic skills needed to succeed in high school, college and life.
100 Book Challenge

The program has been proven to help struggling students close reading gaps by one grade level per semester. Every 15 minutes of independent reading equals one step of credit towards individual and classroom recognition. The class with the most steps at the end of the year will get a pizza party celebration. Since the implementation of the program we have successfully completed Phrase I goals of accurately leveling students to ensure they are independently reading books they enjoy; and of instilling consistent reading practice both at home and in school.

Goals for Phase II include introducing students to strategic interventions that assist them in establishing weekly power goals they can use to strengthen areas of challenge.

Below are some comments from Hope students:

“I can’t believe how great the books are, I’m really enjoying reading them.”

“I’m so excited that I’m reading better now.”

One of our fifth graders had a big smile on her face when she told a teacher, “Now I can read words I couldn’t read before.”

Want to know more? Come visit Hope. Our students will be happy to tell you how they are coming along.

A special thank you to the Quint family for funding this engaging educational initiative!

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