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A Day in Our Garden

A Day in Our Garden

HopeGarden2The first cycle of our Greening Club is well underway! To say that the students are enthusiastic about their work would be an understatement. With the help of three amazing volunteers from Narberth, the students have already become more knowledgeable about the butterfly garden that they helped to plant last fall, and they’ve learned to use garden tools.

HopeGarden1The students built grow boxes, as well as raised beds. They are fascinated by the seedlings already planted and are looking forward to future lessons about composting, weeding, and pruning. Last week, their leaders brought in caterpillars with their host plant. The students are watering the host plant and watching the caterpillars grow. They’ll see the metamorphosis to pupa and then to painted lady butterflies, which they’ll then release into the garden. This enrichment offering is definitely learning that will last a lifetime!


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