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Adult Education Program Participant Passes New GED

Adult Education Program Participant Passes New GED

GED diplomaRaheen is our first student to pass the new GED which is very difficult. After the test, Raheen texted us two words: “Crushed it.” He is a modest man of few words, but the words he chose are very apt. The passing score for each subject area is 145. Here are Raheen’s scores:

Math: 171 (College Ready Level)
Language Arts: 151 (Advanced Placement Level)
Science: 164 (College Ready Level)
Social Studies: 170 (College Ready Level)

We sent Raheen’s scores to Community College’s Educational Support Services program. They are impressed with his scores and interested in connecting him to their resources. Des Pringle has stepped forward to serve as a mentor who will stay in touch with Raheen to encourage his planning and exploration.

Raheen is 25 and lives in the neighborhood. He has a night security job. He is the uncle of two of our middle school students. He needed to get his GED by June to qualify for a promotion at work. He met that goal at a very high level. He used to come to class after work where he frequently does double shifts. With that determination and those smarts, we know he will succeed in everything he does.

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