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The Force

The Force

During a worldwide pandemic, Hope Partnership Middle School students are still learning, growing and taking the important steps needed to change their lives for the better. Thanks to the generous support of our donors, on March 16th, Hope’s students joined thousands of other middle-schoolers across the country who bravely transitioned into distance learning mode. Teachers and students quickly gained knowledge of new digital platforms, managed new daily schedules and shifted from traditional to virtual learning partnerships with each other. In the midst of this major health crisis we continue to discover new ways to master academic content and new ways to strengthen our school community bond.

Many students reminded each other in journals or videos to stay safe. “If you go out make sure you have your face mask and gloves. Stay Corona free!” Others made recommendations about how to keep yourself busy. “If you have a whole bunch of food in your house, you can be baking and cooking.” Students without art supplies at home learned how to do spaghetti art. One middle schooler used a Flipgrid video assignment to talk about a balloon release ceremony for her grandmother who recently passed away.

Students aren’t the only ones acquiring knowledge during this unique time in history. Teachers have also found out that some students who struggled in traditional classrooms are flourishing in this distance learning setting. We were all delighted to see a six grade student who had trouble focusing in class complete every single on-line assignment on time every day. These are some of the important lessons of Hope that keep us going. As our supporters hold us their light, we are able to provide assurances to a scared fifth grader who calls her teacher up at 9pm just to, “see if you’re still there for me.” Despite the current crisis we all know Hope’s donors are the steady force behind every single one of our courageous steps forward.

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