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Art Class is in (Digital) Session!

Art Class is in (Digital) Session!

“Happy are the painters, for they shall not be lonely. Light and color, peace and hope, will keep them company to the end of the day.” — Winston Churchill

Pop art by Hope students Jayla and Raheem


Art class and painting has not been put on hold for Hope students. Leah, the art teacher, has pivoted from her usual classroom routine, as we all know too-well. Managing the limited supplies available to students has been difficult – but not impossible – and has led to a variety of quite creative ideas.

At the beginning, the projects involved utilizing the student’s home environments such as creating designs using different food products and tracing arrangements of spaghetti. As time progressed and parents often had difficulty wrestling with their kids being in the kitchen, the medium had to change. For the eighth graders, virtual tours of local museums became an interest. In terms of “creating” their own work, digital media became the most useful!

As of now, art class is being conducted via Google Draw where the colors and “supplies” are all digital. Through sharing screens, the students have been able to work collaboratively with Leah and with each other, helping to solve any questions that arise and generate an overall sense of community.

Andy Warhol has been an inspiration as one of the student’s latest projects involved his famous depiction of Campbell soup cans. The students worked together on Google Draw to pick the colors for the different parts of the painting and ultimately create a classic “pop art” configuration. If you are at home reading this and are interested in creating your own artwork, use one of the below templates to design your own Andy Warhol Campbell Soup! Click on the soup cans to download the PDF.

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