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What Do You See – A Student’s Poem

What Do You See – A Student’s Poem

Hope sixth grader Nahla Colon wrote the following poem for a poetry contest:

What Do You See?

We all dream of being beautiful…

And we all looked in the mirror and didn’t like what we saw.

But what we didn’t realize was that us girls are beautiful just the way we are and were just blinded by what we wanted to look like.

We all wanted to change our appearances, we all wanted a smaller nose, a bigger butt, fuller lips, smaller waist, or even colored eyes at one point.

Us girls want to be perfect; we want guys to give us attention.

And, sometimes girls love themselves for who they are.

But sometimes we let people get the best of us, telling us that we are too fat or too skinny, we are flat chested, our butt is flat

Or, that we are too ugly to ever be loved… those words hurt, really.

And, sometimes it hurts so bad that we really think that no one would ever love us so what’s the point in living.

And, sometimes girls end up in a dark place in their lives where they end up hurting themselves or worse, taking their own life when they have a future ahead of them that they’ll never experience.

Words are the strongest thing in the world… use them wisely.

And, love yourself when you feel like no one is there to love you because you only have yourself in this world so love yourself, love your body, your eyes, your smile, love all of you, because loving yourself can take you to many places.

So next time you look in the mirror ask yourself… What do I see?

… I see someone beautiful

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