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Spring Has Sprung

Spring Has Sprung

Hope’s Adult Education program just wrapped up its third session of the year, remotely on Zoom. Our students keep chugging along on track!

Our language arts classes kicked off their study of literature this session with Amanda Gorman’s resplendent Inauguration poem, “The Hill We Climb.” The advanced language arts students moved on to studying short stories, such as “The Storyteller,” while the intermediate students focused on similes and metaphors in springtime poems such as “River Picks a New Name.”

Over in math classes, Daylight Savings Time offered the perfect opportunity for lower-level students to review elapsed time, while calculating how many dozen cupcakes or pizzas you might need for a socially-distanced picnic, providing a real-life example of multiplying fractions.

Our most advanced students have shifted gears into studying in a more one-on-one fashion with instructors in specific subject areas in preparation for their exams. Former program director Michael Zolkewitz continues to get our students ready in science, while retired social studies teacher Rick Churchill preps them in the subject matter of his expertise, complete with real-life experience like writing letters to elected officials, or volunteering in their councilperson’s office.

Our students also show marked progress in improving their public speaking skills and confidence. One of the students, Luis, has started volunteering immediately to read the poems to the class first, and even admitted that he’s writing some on his own! During another session, one student, Susan, remarked that she’s, “going to read at church now,” thanks to the improvement in her reading skills that she’s gained at Hope. Meanwhile, several of our students have taken part in Hope’s future planning meetings, carefully writing out their questions and ideas.

While Adult Ed instructors and students are making their way to vaccination appointments – since most of us are in the higher-risk groups – we head into our last session of the school year feeling glad for the nicer weather and hopeful we’ll all see one another again soon! But in the meantime, we continue to make progress in both tangible and intangible ways.

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