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The Holiday Lounge

The Holiday Lounge

Hope Partnership was saddened to say farewell to Brittany Holiday, Director of Graduate Support after she made the difficult decision to leave Hope. Brittany was a pillar of Hope’s community for the past nine years, and her role as Director of Graduate Support was formative to the program. Her professional legacy will carry on through the many lives she touched.

Working with students as soon as they entered Hope in fifth grade to prepare and support them through the increasingly difficult high school and the college application process was only part of her role. Every day after school without fail, the Graduate Support office would be flooded with alumni looking for help with homework, job applications, life advice, or just a catch-up session with Ms. Holiday. However, anyone who met Brittany would attest that she did so much more. She acted as an advocate always going above and beyond for current students and alumnus, as she was truly dedicated to improving the lives of others around her. Fellow colleagues shared how impressed they were by Brittany’s passion mentioning she was “always a source of bright light and hope, always enthusiastic, always giving us ‘the boost’ we needed.” Brittany actively showed the alumni that empowering your whole self was just as important as academics, offering an open ear to anyone, “she is someone you can always talk to, you can tell she genuinely cares about people.”

Many of the Hope graduates reached out to express their gratitude for Brittany in a heartfelt goodbye video. One student shared a story about Brittany going the extra mile where she took her shopping for her freshman year of college and told her “it will be okay, it will be hard, but you’ll get through it.”

Another student spoke about how Ms. Holiday always reassured her of her worth, “I want to thank you for helping me find my own inspiration.” To all, Brittany was an inspiring mentor and role model.

The relationships and connections that Brittany had with all her colleagues and all her students had a certain richness, and Brittany would often reflect saying, “Hope raised me.” She will continue to be connected to Hope alumni unofficially, and Hope Partnership is proud to formally name the Graduate Support Lounge the “Holiday Lounge” in honor of Brittany.

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