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A Final Reflection

A Final Reflection

As I write my last story for the e-newsletter, I’m remembering and rejoicing. Just in the two hours since I arrived this AM, there have been three incidents that brought a knowing smile to my face.

I walked into the seventh grade area and learned that one of our students was chosen to present her resolution at the culminating Student Ambassador World Affairs’ Council virtual summit today. I remember the first time our students participated and how nervous they were about interacting with all of the different schools.

When I passed the Graduate Support Office, I met up with one of our alums who had just received honors for the end of the year report period and was chosen as “Best Virtual Citizen” for her entire school. When asked what she did to achieve that, she said, “I always greet everyone and I’m involved in lots of extra-curricular activities – all via Zoom.” I remember how many of our high school alumni have gone on to win honors after Hope.

I ran into Ms. Leah, our art teacher, and two eighth graders who were collecting weeds to use in their print making. I was able to compliment them on some gorgeous art work that had just been hung. I remember the gradual development of the arts at Hope and how we’ve discovered so much talent through the years.

For me, these past twenty years at Hope have been about thousands of incidents like these that reflect small signs of progress, significant moments of pride, and sure signs of growth. Hope has been all about relationships held sacred in the longing for growth, for commitment, for success, for compassion and for pride. Whether the relationships are with students, teachers, co-workers, board and committee members, neighborhood members, donors, or supportive colleagues – they are in service to lives lifted through the gift of education – education offered in an environment of respect, excellence, compassion, inclusivity, joy, and of course, HOPE.

No wonder I’m rejoicing!

Stay tuned for the next chapter of Hope. We’ll be introducing my successor, our new president/CEO within the next two weeks. I know you’ll be as thrilled as I am to welcome someone who will contribute valuable new skills, experiences, and commitment to the future of Hope Partnership. He is in store for experiencing new treasured memories, infused with Hope.

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