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Honoring Teacher Appreciation Week: Living Our Core Values

Honoring Teacher Appreciation Week: Living Our Core Values

Honoring Teacher Appreciation Week: Living Our Core Values  

For Teacher Appreciation Week, Hope middle schoolers shared their heartfelt thanks to all of the adults at Hope Partnership who helped them learn and grow throughout this historic year. Students’ gratitude clearly reflects the key components of our middle school program, as well as our school’s six core values:

  • Academic Excellence:

“Ms. Kershaw pushed me harder and harder and made my grades higher and higher. She believes in me.”

High expectations help middle schoolers build core academic skills and inspire them to work hard to become their best selves, preparing students for complex coursework in high school.

“I learned a lot when I was in Mrs.Oblea’s class because we did a lot of reading every day.”

  • Respect:

“Mr. Swider is fun and he listens a lot, he’ll listen to what I say.”

At Hope, we recognize that middle schoolers are at an amazing time in their lives – stretching boundaries and testing limits in order to find out who they are and how they want to contribute to the world. The foundation of our socio-emotional learning advisory is respect. We value each and every student for the gifts they bring to our community. Teaching and learning practices at Hope promote individual voice and collective agency.

“Mrs. Oblea really made me want to become an author. She encouraged me with my writing.”

  • Compassion:

“I love how patient Ms. Keeler is…sometimes I can’t learn fast enough so she goes step by step and allows me to learn at my own pace.”

There were times this year when Hope families experienced food and housing insecurity, COVID illness, cancer, end-stage heart failure, severe emotional stress, and even violent deaths. Throughout these very difficult times, Hope remained a stable and caring home students could turn to for understanding and compassion.

“I appreciate Mr. Swider because when we are struggling with something he would say we don’t have to worry about it because he will help us.”

  • Hospitality:

“When I came to Hope, Mrs. Oblea made it easy for me to get comfortable with the space and she made 5th grade really fun.”

It’s critically important at the Hope Partnership Middle School for everyone to feel welcome, safe, and comfortable. Teachers incorporate a variety of social emotional learning activities into their curriculum throughout the year to help students get to know each other and create a positive class community.

“Mrs. Oblea is very outgoing. She does what needs to be done and what doesn’t need to be done but she does it anyway. She takes care of us and she makes sure nobody is left out. She cares for me and I care for her. She’s a lovely person.”

  • Joy:

“Ms. Tannehill is really funny and can bring out the best in everyone. She keeps it real. She can also dance and cook. She lets us make and share our own TikTok videos.”

There’s nothing better than watching a student’s face light up when they learn something new or when they’re in the midst of a belly laugh with a close friend while leafing through a funny chapter book in Reading Circle. While the six-foot social distancing rules didn’t allow students to cozy up with each other, they still found ways to connect and make learning fun.

“I appreciate Mr. Swider because I like the way he makes a fun learning environment for the students. He helps us become better men and women. He’s really funny in weird ways.”

  • Hope:

“Thank you to Ms.Tannehill because she always has positive energy. She’s always smiling, always giving good vibes.”

As we emerge from all the challenges of this past year, we’re excited to celebrate our hard earned accomplishments and remain hopeful for brighter and better days to come.

Thank you to all of the donors who enabled us to continue to survive and thrive. We wish you a fun and restful summer break! Please also enjoy the extra quotes of appreciation:

“Ms. Yang allows us to watch movies on PSSA days because she knows it’s stressful.”

“Ms. Jones is patient and she gave me a blanket when I was cold.”

“Mrs. Oblea brings in yummy snacks for us to try.”

“I appreciate Mrs. Oblea because on holidays she does special things for us even though she doesn’t have to.”

“Ms. Tannehill makes me feel loved. She cares about me and it’s so much fun with her.”

“Ms. Jones makes me feel motivated so I can feel positive about myself.”

“I can e-mail Mr. Dabney anytime when I need help or don’t understand something. He’s funny, really, really funny.”

“I’m not good at art so most of the time I give up. Ms. Leah always comes and helps me. She’s creative and she likes to have fun with us.”

“When I had a lot of work to do Ms. Tannehill helped me. I wasn’t in school to do the math so I didn’t learn how to do it and she taught me how to do it.”

“Ms. Kershaw is really really cool. She makes things make sense.”

“Ms. Yang inspired me to learn the piano.”

“Ms. Yang is a caring and loving person. When we were doing classes on-line she was really patient with us.”

“I appreciate Ms. Jones because when I get in one of my moods and go into her classroom she just makes me feel calm. I forget about all of that other stuff that’s happening.”

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