When will the virtual event start?

The live stream will begin at 7 pm live from Hope’s website!

What happens if I log-on to the stream early?

Beginning at 6:45 pm, you will see a Welcome Slide or videos that were shown during last year’s virtual FriendRaiser.

May I pay by check or other methods of payment?

Card payments are preferred given the current state of our world, however checks are always accepted.  Please send check payments to:

Hope Partnership for Education
2601 N 11th Street
Philadelphia PA 19133

If you would like to make an alternate payment method please contact vsheppard@hope-partnership.org prior to Monday, November 1st, 2021. Hope accepts cash, check, stock, Venmo and bank transfers.

To pledge your donation for alternate payment, please call 215-232-5410 – Ext. 101 for assistance.

Can I donate anonymously?

If you would like a donation to remain anonymous, please contact Virgil Sheppard at vsheppard@hope-partnership.org and we can make sure your individual settings are hidden to everyone else!

What should I do if I’m having any difficulties at all using the site?

Reach out to Virgil Sheppard (vsheppard@hope-partnernship.org) for any assistance needed. Additionally, see GiveSmart video and information below to view instructions for registering and making auction bids. 


Thank you for your support of Hope Partnership for Education’s 2021 Virtual FriendRaiser –
Celebrating 20 Years of Hope.

Please check back for updates

For all other questions, please email info@hope-partnership.org