Hope scholarship

Scholarship Drive

The Scholarship Drive is very important to the on-going vitality of Hope Partnership for Education.  With the current state of our world providing even more obstacles, we can more clearly than ever see the need for a quality education. Hope provides the best possible education for our students by empowering and aiding their holistic development, which sets the foundation for our students to go off into the world and succeed. 

The annual cost for one student to attend Hope is over $17,500.  Due to the economic status of many of our families who live in the most under-resourced zip code in Philadelphia, 19133, it is impossible for them to afford tuition as nearly all are on a level that qualify for free or reduced meals.  While the families do provide a monetary contribution based according to their income, 99% of our ability to offer Hope’s quality education opportunity comes from the generous support of others such as yourselves. By participating in the scholarship auction and pledging a full or partial scholarship, you are allowing our students to receive the gift of HOPE.