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Middle School

Hope Partnership for Education offers an affordable independent school education to students and families who might not otherwise have access to a private school. Our mission is to provide each student with a secure, supportive, learning environment that will enlighten their minds and enrich their characters.


Interested families seeking admission to grade 5, 6 or 7 must complete an application for admission and provide supporting documents such as report cards and teachers’ recommendations. An interview with the student and family, as well as student reading and math assessments, are required as part of the admissions process. Applications are accepted until the grade is full. Admissions priority is given to families who live in the 19133 zip code. Please note that admission to 7th grade is very selective. We do not accept direct applications to 8th grade.

Hope Partnership for Education Middle School (HPE) mission is to provide each student with a secure, supportive, learning environment that will enlighten their minds and enrich their character.  Hope supports students in developing academic skills and emotional habits of mind necessary to become caring and responsible individuals who make positive contributions to their local communities and to the world.

Six core values are the foundation of our daily practice and guide our long-term strategic actions: Academic excellence, respect, compassion, hospitality, hope and joy.

HPE’s Middle School Program is designed to help students become balanced, continuous learners who are academically and emotionally prepared for high school success.  During their time at HPE, middle schoolers experience multiple teaching methods and diverse learning opportunities, leaving with the following qualities:

  • A set of academic skills and habits of mind needed to have a positive high school experience and to be active participants in society
  • A digital skill set that prepares students to responsibly and innovatively use technology to support personal goals
  • An understanding of Hope Core Values that create the framework for reflection, problem-solving and deepened awareness of self and other
  • An ongoing sense of belonging and commitment to the Hope community through our Graduate Support Program
  • A personal propensity for continuous learning
  • Academics skill building – offers a range of learning opportunities to meet the needs of all students, including basic skills instruction, advanced interdisciplinary instruction in Language Arts, Math, Science, Social Studies and Writing.  Students have the flexibility to receive direct or small group instruction or work independently on innovative projects. Teaching methods include traditional and multi-perspective practices


  • Music Talent Development – provides students with the opportunity to develop musical talents through instruction in music theory and history, as well as recorder and basic keyboard training.  Interested students also receive individual or small group instrumental lessons that prepare them to participate in schoolwide ensembles and public performances


  • Interdisciplinary Art Program – introduces students to the elements of art through engaging projects that provide creative opportunities to more deeply explore literacy, history and cultural diversity themes in academic content


  • Health and Wellness Advisory – uses research-based proactive strategies, HPE’s advisory program is designed to meet the developmental needs of youth at each grade level.  Our school’s six core values are the foundation for guiding middle schoolers through the pre-teen/adolescent years. Students receive support to build concrete academic skills as well as gain knowledge about nutrition, physical exercise and emotional health, as well digital media safety


  • Technology and Research – promotes digital learning throughout the Middle School curriculum through Chromebooks and Smart Boards in each classroom.  Students receive assignments in all subjects that require applications skill development and technology research. Fun, experiential digital course offerings in the afterschool enrichment program also allow students to gain advanced knowledge in areas of interest.


  • Enrichment and Summer Program – offers HPE students afterschool, summer and off-site field trips and travel activities expose students to diverse cultural experiences and experiential activities that sparks understanding of academic material in exciting ways and helps students make connections between school work and real-world experiences
  • Monthly Newsletter – communicates key curricular aspects of the HPE middle school program to families, highlights student success and advertises important events
  • Family workshops – shares critical information about HPE policies as well as topics of interest to families
  • Community workshops – invites HPE members and our neighbors to participate in theme-based discussions/empowerment activities that strengthen neighborhood and community
  • Hope Family Advisory Board – provides HPE middle school administration and staff with advice, feedback and suggestions for effective practices that benefits the school community
  • Volunteer opportunities – invites parents to use personal or professional resources to support school operations, activities and events 


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