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Hope's Philosophy

Hope Partnership School: A Global Growth Approach to Learning

The middle school years are a time of great transition in child development. The journey to adulthood from adolescence can be exciting and confusing for young people and their families but Hope Partnership School is here to help.

Our school supports students on their unique paths to discover talents and develop the academic and social skills necessary for navigating school and beyond. Our goal is to provide a transformative, caring, and joy-filled educational experience so students can make positive contributions to their communities when they graduate from the 8th grade.

For students to demonstrate academic success during this period of transition, our school program provides the following components to address the physical, socio-emotional, and moral development of our students:

  • Academic Skill Building: Students receive advanced interdisciplinary instruction in Language Arts, Math, Science, Social Studies, and Writing. Each grade is capped at 15 students and led by expert teachers to maximize differentiated learning in individual and small-group settings. Students work independently, receive direct instruction, and complete innovative projects.
  • Enrichment & Summer Program: After-school enrichment begins each October and lasts until June. We offer four cycles, two that last for 10 weeks and two that last for six weeks. Enrichment supplements classroom instruction and provides a safe space for students to socialize. Our external facilitators provide classes on everything from urban farming and chess to dance and photography. Students also participate in exposure activities and field trips to broaden experiences and understandings of cultural and civic history within the city of Philadelphia. Contextualizing place and non-academic opportunities to learn further reinforce what is taught in the classroom.
  • Community Service: In partnership with The Village of Arts & Humanities and Historic Fairhill, students volunteer in the neighborhood to learn more about the place where they live and learn and build an interest in civic engagement that will flourish outside the classroom.
  • Music Program: Students cultivate musical talent and interests by exploring music theory and history and receive practical voice and instrumental lessons. 
  • Interdisciplinary Art Program: Students are introduced o the elements of art within the classroom and in the city through engaging projects, enrichment clubs, and opportunities to explore literacy, history, and cultural diversity themes underpinning creative expression.
  • Health & Wellness Program: Students participate in physical education every day, all school year. Beyond exercise and group activities, students gain research-based knowledge about nutrition and emotional wellness.
  • Technology & Research: Students have access to Chromebooks during the school day to supplement direct instruction, build research skills, and enhance classroom participation. Every student also receives a Chromebook to use at home during the school year to increase communication channels with teachers and parents and complete long-term projects.


Family Engagement

Hope Partnership School invites parents and guardians into their students’ learning experience. We believe this is a crucial partnership for students to thrive and welcome all families into the educational process. 

Hope Partnership School hosts Back-to-School nights, Family-Teacher Conferences, celebrations, monthly meetings, and resource fairs throughout the academic year. Parents and guardians can join our mailing list to receive “The Buzz”, HPS’ weekly newsletter and help us recruit potential students by attending an Open House.

Other typical engagement activities include:

  • Family Advisory Board & Workshops: This group creates a clear channel of communication between families, faculty, and administration to share advice, feedback, and suggestions for effective practices that benefit the entire school community.
  • Community Workshops: Hope Partnership for Education aims to serve as a resource center for our neighborhood. We are a polling place, have hosted COVID-19 Vaccine Clinics, and bring in external facilitators to provide content knowledge to families such as Financial Literacy courses.
  • Ward Meetings: Hope Partnership for Education hosts the 37th Ward monthly meetings. These are great spaces to connect with the larger community.
  • Volunteerism: Hope Partnership School integrates community service into the middle school curricula throughout the year. We invite parents to join us whenever possible.