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A Message from the Head of School

August 2, 2023


Hello Hope Family,


As we get ready to embark on a new school year, we would like to remind our supportive parents and guardians of our continued desire to improve the quality of your child’s education. Our staff is totally committed and dedicated to providing a robust educational experience that will allow our students to reach their full potential.


We believe in challenging our students to reach beyond their potential and remove the barriers of self-doubt. Our six Core Values—Academic Excellence, Compassion, Hope, Hospitality, Joy, and Respect—resonate throughout the building and serve as a constant reminder of our formula for success. Our commitment to Academic Excellence is evident by the tireless work that our teaching staff provides, our quest to seek the best resources and tools to sharpen skills, and their focus on continuous improvement.


Our Leadership team is steadfast in their approach to ensuring our staff and students have the necessary support to ensure success. With every school year, change is inevitable. We have hired new staff, updated our school uniforms, policies, and procedures, focused on improving our curriculum and invested in the right intervention programs to create an environment that will prepare students for the rigors of a special admissions high school and a post-secondary school pathway of choice.


To reach this level of success, we need our parents to “PARTNER” with us to successfully support your child’s mental, physical, emotional, and academic growth. You have entrusted us with your most valued asset, and we take that responsibility seriously. In turn, we ask that all parents remain open to discussing constructive feedback, attending conferences, and working with ALL staff to encourage your student towards success. We want Hope to be a haven within our community, where your child will feel safe, loved, cared for, and protected.


Making ‘Hope a Habit’ is not just a slogan, it’s our mantra. That is the total commitment from all staff, parents, students, and community members to make Hope a beacon in the North Philadelphia community.


Here’s to a successful and outstanding school year! With your commitment to Hope, we will continue to invest in our community every day!


All the best,


Taylor J. Harris


215-232-5410 x102

[email protected]