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7th Grade

Seventh grade at Hope Partnership School is a transformative year under the guidance of Mrs. Keeler, where students continue to embark on a journey of self-discovery and personal growth. With a deep passion for teaching, Mrs. Keeler finds inspiration in her students, learning something new from them every day and embracing the role of a lifelong learner herself.

In her approach to teaching, Mrs. Keeler focuses on nurturing the whole person, emphasizing the importance of mind, body, and spirit. She empowers her students to recognize the value of their voices and encourages them to actively participate in shaping their classroom community. Through exploration of the school's Pledge and Core Values, students learn to embody the principles of integrity, respect, and compassion, becoming young men and women for others.

In addition to fostering a holistic approach to learning, Mrs. Keeler integrates various creative activities into her curriculum. Students record video reflections, create posters, PowerPoint presentations, and games based on the books they’re reading, and engage in essay and poetry writing. Moreover, they actively participate in Model United Nations, a middle school educational program facilitated by the World Affairs Council. Through this program, students step into the role of ‘Diplomats from Around the World’, developing critical thinking, research, and interpersonal skills while addressing pressing global issues.

As students progress from seventh to eighth grade, Mrs. Keeler continues to support their growth and preparation for high school and beyond. On a two-year journey together, she witnesses firsthand the remarkable progress and transformation of her students, fostering a lasting connection even after they have left her classroom. Through her unwavering dedication and innovative teaching methods, Mrs. Keeler fosters in her students a lasting enthusiasm for learning and a commitment to making a positive impact in the world.