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About Hope Partnership School's Music Program

The music program at Hope Partnership School is designed to provide students with the opportunity to Learn and appreciate the histories and music of key figures who have shaped American and World music movements. Those movements include Blues, Gospel, Jazz, Hip Hop and beyond.


We aim to provide each budding musician with a strong introduction to Music Theory and an opportunity to learn to play an instrument. Furthermore, our students have opportunities throughout the year to perform an instrument, primarily piano, bass, guitar, drums and voice.

About Hope Partnership School's Art Program

The Art program at Hope Partnership School has been carefully planned and coordinated to offer a diverse introduction to 2D and 3D art materials, philosophy, and practice.


In the beginning of every academic year, students learn about Lines and challenges of Black & White Composition. Examples include he creation of books to practice the types of line, collage techniques, and drawing practice. Students then progress to the Foundations of Color and various types of paint. Their first 2D project is a Watercolor painting that focuses on the relationships of color to one another.

Learning ‘color value and complexity of color’ leads students to Printmaking. Students use the Gelatin Plate printing process created by Gelli Arts from Philadelphia. We create layered and very textured prints on paper, students experiment with positive and negative space, photo transfers and printing with botanicals.


The middle of the academic year brings traditional Still Life painting. Students are asked to draw, sketch, and observe a tabletop Still Life and then produce a finished acrylic painting representational of what they see. As they paint, they are learning about light and shape and how to assimilate their sight into the reality of paint.


The spring is full of 3D works such as Soft Sculpture, Cardboard Houses, and Tile Mosaics. With the help of our Resident Teaching Artist, students will work in Clay and make Ceramics. Each 8th grade class is also responsible for filling the Hope Room, Hope’s auditorium, with art for the Graduation ceremony and for creating a community art piece that becomes a permanent part of the Hope Education Center.

Make sure to view the video links to learn more about our Art and Music programs.